Take control of your data! 

Remove the data security risk, remove the stress, remove the danger to your reputation, using the same system as the UK Authority, in a few months from £125/m

Data Security is in the news. GDPR is in the news. 

The law requires that organisations look after the data of others. If you don't have an appropriate system, then you are more likely to fail in this legal duty.
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What is 27K1 ISMS?

The 27k1 ISMS (Information Security Management System) allows you to remain in charge of your own data security controls. It uses a cloud-based programme. This allows ongoing updates, in real time, while not affecting your use of the system.
You can choose if you want further support using consultants. It is up to you.

All organisations must have data security at one level or other. They can do no better than to get the
ISO 27001 Data Security standard.
This identifies the data security risks, allows you to work out how best to minimise them, helps you to install the changes and then to maintain the resultant processes you have decided upon.

The resulting ISO 27001 ISMS can then be used to attain your legal obligations under the GDPR (the EU's General Data Protection Regulations) requirements. Even those aspects of GDPR that are not normally thought to be part of the ISMS, can be built in so that comprehensive coverage is assured.

What is Secure Business Data?

Secure Business Data has been set up as an evolving network. We bring together a range of different services, sourced from different providers, all focused around the data security needs of a business.

There is a recognised need for enhanced security around both storage of data, the processing of data and the all-around control of data.

Secure Business Data has created a one-stop-shop for all your data security needs – whether to start your security journey, to develop it or to bring it to the peak of effectiveness – we will have what you need.

While we are happy that members cherry-pick only what they want, it is key that they have first a strong and effective core data security system. To ensure this is in place and thereby take the data security risk seriously, the key service we offer is the 27k1 ISMS

27k1 ISMS management software graphic

We've been noticed! See why!


This is one of the first of the 27001 Data Security Systems to be set up to be completed as a User defined process. The clear advantage is that YOU are the most knowledgeable person on your own business.


Because the work is carried out internally (with the technical difficulties handled by the system itself) the time cost is absorbed internally and thus the charges are around 10% of getting the work completed by a consultant.


With the system presented via a cloud based arrangement, it can easily be updated with legal, technical and practical solutions to GDPR. Thus, you acquire one system suited for your business rolling forward for years to come.


Secure Business Data continues to develop a range of services available to its members. All have initial free introductory offers and are totally optional - but are there to enhance you controls over your data security objectives.

Ready to secure your business data?

Please review the range of services we offer to find the optimum route forward for your organisation.

You may want to go straight for the 27K1 ISMS Programme, or you may feel there are other areas you want to do instead or first – it is entirely up to you.

Just let us know how we can help you achieve your goals – and if you are unsure, there are number of free options for you initiate the process with no obligation to yourself.

Be Secure. Be Compliant. Be Reassured.

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