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Passionate about protecting businesses from the effects of data breaches

ISO 27001 Certificates in UK

The 3rd Largest in the world according to 2019 ISO Survey.

Data Breaches in UK

On average for Small, Medium and Large businesses in 2019.

Largest ICO fine

BA was fined for a data breach involving just 500,000 customers.

Cost of data breach

Is the average cost of a data breach in the UK is estimated to be by IBM.
We recognise the disastrous impacts that a data breach has on those whose data is available to the world and the business that inadvertently released that data.
As the best way to help the situation, we identified prevention being better than a cure and sought a solution that would enable all businesses to manage their data easily and the way they want but also in line with best practice, the legislation and the changing business environment.
We therefore decided that what businesses need is access to a single location where Information, Tools and Advice are available – and all at sensible rates if not for free.

What We Do

We use systematized processes and procedures to educate and protect your business. 


Provide details of the legislation, the current thinking, specific approaches and the latest news via blogs, case studies, links and references.


Providing access to a range of techniques to handle data security issues – from full control systems, to access to services addressing penetration testing, dark web investigations, IT security checks and more.


Providing access to a range of consultants and advisors across a range of disciplines but all focused on data security – from ISO systems, legal advisors on GDPR, coal face experts and IT facilitators.

Increase in breaches

Private companies handle computer crime internally, for fear of encouraging others to 'attack' them, or for damaging their reputation of looking after data securely.

Crime surveys are 'ambiguous' in that they don't always distinguish between the different types of computer crime. A company for example, may not have been a victim of computer fraud, but have had malware installed through a browser. Is this a computer crime.

Some companies and individuals may not report crimes because they don't want to be thought of as 'stupid' and just put it down to experience.

Victims are often unaware that a crime has been committed against them.

Secure Your System

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Meet the Team

Carl Kruger

Welcome to the Secure Business Data website! It has been my life-long journey to seek better ways of achieving beneficial goals. In the past I have worked in finance, in the environment, with compliance legislation and taking forward recycling operations. Through all of these, the enhanced returns with reduced efforts were continuously drawn from the use of improvements continuously applied to what was ‘working’ – but not so well as it could!

To this end, I am delighted to be showing you this collection of information, tools and advice that I have drawn together from a range of offerings. Some is for free, some is charged, but all of it works towards the simple goal: keeping your organisational data secure and avoiding the cataclysmic loss of reputation (and thus business value) if you have a data breach.

Please have a look through the website and see what you can find – and feel free to contact me to discuss anything you miss, what you think you can offer or anything you want to follow up further! Be Serious About Data Protection – we are.

Pazbi Zavatzki


Jason de Jonge


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Secure Business Data

We are here to help you secure your business data using cutting edge technology.
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