October 19, 2020

Catching People Doing Things Right is a vital part of a “No Blame” culture

This leads on from "Auditing - a Vital Control for all Systems"

It is a recognised issue that people regard auditors as “against” them. In other words people fear the auditors will find out something that will cause them pain in some way (extra work, a dressing down, reduction in sales…)  While this may be the case if there is something wrong, far better is the attitude that people should be looking forward to be audited so that they can be caught doing things right!

If personal assessments are based, in part, on audit results, then being caught doing things right can be used as praise points. BUT it is vital that if assessments include results of audits, then all problems found have to be clearly allocated to bad procedures, circumstance, equipment, training or component issues and not the person themself. 

Think of it this way: if the individual is truly incompetent, then it is the fault of the organisation that put them in a position that their incompetence can adversely affect the operation.  Thus it is not the fault of the individual! 

If the individual is not incompetent, then either the procedure was wrong or they are behind in their training, or their equipment let them down or it was an act of God that caused the problem. None of these are the individual’s fault and they should not be blamed for this.

Who should be blamed, then?  Who appointed that person? Who trained them? Who wrote the procedures? Who checked the equipment specification?  Yes, there will be individuals in these roles too.  But if these individuals are incompetent, then that is not that individual’s fault… and the reason will be found linked to procedure, training and so on. 

While it seems strange, the answer is that no-one should be blamed as “Blame” does not achieve anything other than passing the buck.  Remember you are all working for the team to optimise the whole process.


Catch people doing things right – it makes their day!

Find fault in a situation during an audit, and allow a team to identify the problem and rectify it with no blame attached to anyone, then that team can be commended for a job well done – it will make their day!

And, finally, don’t forget to congratulate the auditor for finding the problem in the first place. A good auditor is worth their weight in gold – so make their day too!

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