Complaints Advisor

Barbara Spoor LL.B Hons has worked in complaint handling field for over 19 years, firstly working for the Law Society resolving complaints about solicitors and then setting up a successful business offering complaint handling and offering compliance support.  Prior to this she worked in customer services, for various organisations including central government.  Barbara has a very down to earth approach to complaint handling and compliance solutions, offering practical advice to help you resolve issues and remain compliant.  She has also offered in-house training to firms on a wide range of subjects, she is a speaker with Lexis Nexis and has written articles for the Solicitors Journal.  Whatever your requirements, Barbara tailors the solution to your business need.  Barbara offers practical, cost and time effective solutions to complaint handling and compliance support.  Please contact us on 0345 600 6975 to find out more about the support she can offer.

Why Outsource Complaints Handling?

The role of complaints handling to relevant legal and non legal certifications is a very demanding one.  When you are tasked with this role, as well as carrying out your day job, you are expected to implement and ensure complaints handling. This takes a great deal of time and therefore cuts into your ability to cover what you originally signed up to do.  Barbara and her team will work with you to find out what your particular needs are and how they can provide you with the complaints handling solution that you need. This, in itself can help with your budget as you may not be in a position to pay for a full time complaints handler. In some instances your in-house support may not cover all aspects that you need to cover – Barbara can fill that gap. // They can offer such complaints handling solutions on a full or interim basis – suiting the needs of your business.

Secure Business Data

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