You have chosen to develop your own approach to data security

Thank you for viewing our videos. We hope that, despite the fact that you have not chosen to follow up our offer, you have found this useful in your process of taking forwards your data security controls.

To ensure that you and your team are fully aware of the data security issues, please feel free to watch our 40 minute training video (for free) as many times as you like. It is a non-technical overview of data security issues that can affect all of your staff.

Alternatively, you can get access to our modular Data Security Awareness Programme and let your staff build up their awareness and understanding of data security issues over a longer period. We charge £300+VAT for access to this programme for each organisation – you may let as many of your staff use it for as many times as they like within your organisation. If you subsequently choose to go for our 27K1 programme, then you will get that £300+VAT deducted from the cost of the programme. What have you got to lose?
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Secure Business Data

We are here to help you secure your business data using cutting edge technology.
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