May 14, 2020

Data Security Presentation to CQI 14th May 2020

I am delighted to have just completed a webinar on Data Security for members of the CQI (Chartered Quality Institute) Birmingham branch.

Coversheet for "Overview of Data Security in a Connective World" Webinar Presentation by Carl Kruger, MD, Secure Business Data

My webinar covered:

  • the GDPR and PECR legislation key points
  • how such data security measures impact on a range of different organisational types:
    • Brokers,
    • Manufacturers,
    • Service Providers
    • etc
  • and finished with a review of the range of different alternatives available for organisations to use to build solutions for these issues.

Pleasing comments included:

  • “Excellent presentation Carl, your knowledge is outstanding. Please can we have a copy of the slides?”
  • “Carl – many thanks for your time and expertise”
  • “Many thanks Carl”
  • “Agree, a fabulous presentation”

If anyone wants a copy of the presentation, please feel free to contact me. I am happy to repeat it or to simply send a copy. Call 07900 896975 or email me on

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