April 15, 2020

Did you know that data protection covers your filing cabinets?

A paper book, and a computer disk, had equivalent data.

They were laid to rest one night when, later,

A thief decided to take a look

At the computer and, at the book.

He found it harder the book to see,

So, when he found the computer, he said with glee,

“At last, success, I can get at this!”

So, remember all – reduce your risk -

And ensure you secure your data!

Data protection or data security, and the relevant legislation (GDPR[1], PECR[2] etc) take no account of the difference between virtual data and hardcopy data.

So, to lose a lever-arch file or a memory stick is, if the data contained in each is the same, equally bad. In fact, the hard copy version is more difficult to disseminate, to scan and to corrupt than the virtual version.

Certainly, the law does not differentiate between the specific mediums on which the data is stored. Why should it? The focus is on the data itself and nothing else. Eg your name and address are the same stored on paper or on a memory stick.

The prime area where there is a difference, is the security of each data repository. 

  • A virtual piece of data is accessible – often from almost anywhere in the world at any time and by anybody. 
  • A physical piece of data can only be accessed by someone at the right place at the right time with the physical access to the file. 

This means that from a security point of view, hard-copy data is probably safer – but the downside is that it is less accessible to those that need to gain sight of it.

[1] General Data Protection Regulations

[2] Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations

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