April 30, 2020

Profiling – a typical automated decision-making process

Profiling – a typical automated decision-making process

Profiling is a subset of the possible automated decision-making processes – but a sufficiently important one that the GDPR legislations specifically covers this area.

The legislation defines Profiling as any form of automated processing intended to evaluate certain personal aspects of an individual, in particular to analyse or predict their:

  • performance at work;
  • economic situation;
  • health;
  • personal preferences;
  • reliability;
  • behaviour;
  • location;
  • movements.

Where the automated decision involves acting upon Special Category data, then there are particular additional controls required – specifically:

  • The individual has given specific and clear consent
  • The processing is required for substantial public interest

NOTE: The full range of controls required for all automated decision-making processes still apply.

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