April 30, 2020

How do you process Children’s personal data?

It is vital that those people about whom you collect data, should be able to understand that you are doing so and what you are doing with it.  The way you collect, process and share such information should be described in a way that the individuals affected can understand – especially the case with children as they will likely be alone when on the computer. (Other vulnerable individuals are likely to have responsible adults with them).

Children require the same information as would be required to supply for adults. Ideally this will include comments on the potential risks that might be present together with what you have done to ensure that you have security in place against these risks.

Specifically, just as for adults – albeit in an age appropriate approach, it should be:

  • Clear, easy to read and understand and short
  • Uses straightforward language – especially when effectively addressed to children
  • A simple description of what will be done with the data
  • Free
  • Clear on the detail of the rights the individual has regarding the collection, storage, access to, use of and disposal of the data being collected

Where it may be possible for younger children to access the site, then it is important that you make clear the age limit restrictions in a way that they can understand and respect. This is far easier said than done – and consequently it will be important that you show you have done as much as possible to make this open, understandable and important.

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