GDPR Lawyer

Down to earth and personable Senior Commercial and Corporate solicitor who cares passionately about supporting your business interests, giving you peace of mind.

Hannen Beith is a high quality expedient legal service for your business, with over 45 years’ experience. He explains your legal matters in a simple, practical and down to earth way.

·         Focusing strongly on GDPR and the impacts on businesses and organisations

·         Contracts for small businesses protecting you after all your hard work getting your business established.

·         I ensure that you are legally compliant and have thought about the risks of your business decisions.

·         Services include: associate agreements, web site terms and conditions, privacy policies etc.

·         I understand your business issues as I have run my own too.

His legal career is high quality and broad giving you an in-depth approach looking at all angles of potential risk. Deputy District Judge, adjudicator, a partner in a law firm, in-house and running his own legal business. Law Society Scholarship.

He has gained a wide variety of experience over the years to support you. He now specialise in Company and Commercial work for small growing businesses – covering GDPR issues as well as Contract Law.”

Secure Business Data

We are here to help you secure your business data using cutting edge technology.
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