April 30, 2020

What is Management’s Responsibility under GDPR?

As with all projects undertaken by any organisation, the key personnel and decision makers must “walk the walk” to demonstrate support for the beneficial culture of data protection compliance.

Thus these are the prime focus of awareness raising and briefing when installing the changes due to GDPR.

Within the organisation, to encourage the absorption and use of data protection procedures, this key group of people will need to:

To be clear, the penalties faced when GDPR is breached, are as much for the directors as for the organisation itself. This is not a scenario where senior management can say that they know that things should change but they want to keep certain areas as they were. This has to be across the organisation from top to bottom.

However, any official penalties fade into insignificance against the loss of organisational value when an organisation's reputation is destroyed by virtue of loosing personal data and having it turn up with a criminal.

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