“Kowloon Rotary Club Data Security Webinar”

In September 2020, I was honoured to be asked to give a webinar briefing to the Kowloon Rotary Club in Hong Kong on the “Impact of Data Security in our Interconnected World”.
Despite a dramatic thunderstorm raging outside of the Peninsula Hotel top floor conference area, the interest in the subject was clear from the stories and examples of data security issues proffered by the Rotary members present.

A PDF version of the presentation, including some extra slides that were not covered on the day but which expand on the points made during the discussions can be found here.

Secure Business Data offers both a Data Security Awareness training course and a semi-automated program, called the “27k1 ISMS”, to enable users to create, install and maintain a strong data security information system in conformance with the International Standard ISO 27001 on Data Security. Certification to this standard can be chosen or not – at the desire of the user. The benefits of the system in terms of Data Security controls will depend on their organisation enacting what they have incorporated into the system. The certification just confirms they have done this appropriately. Certification does allow the user to tell the world about their success however and is a good marketing technique.

Should any attendee, or any of their contacts, wish to get in touch with me to discuss further any of these aspects, please click here.

Carl Kruger
10 September 2020

Secure Business Data

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