The most important issue for any organisation facing the decision on how to proceed on its Data Security journey, relates to how aware the staff are about data security in the first place. Without some knowledge and understanding (two very different things), the staff cannot know what to do to protect the organisation nor can they know why they should do it. Furthermore, without a wider awareness of the scale and scope of data security issues, the decision-makers in the organisation cannot determine how best to operate the organisation smoothly while managing Data Security issues competently and cost-effectively. 

Secure Business Data has created a FREE 40 minute Data Security Awareness video for Data Security which gives a feel for the issues and scope of the problems.
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We have also created a Comprehensive base level Data Security Awareness Programme: buy it once for your organisation and show it as many times as you like so that each of your staff can work through the modules and gain a good general understanding of the issues.
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