October 19, 2020

Why don't organisations go for a Data Security System?

Too often, we are asked why you should have a Data Security System. And too often the driver is that the person asking is wanting to know how to recommend it to their boss.

The problem is often that there is a misunderstanding between the different players as to what is really the issue behind the question "Why have a Data Security System" which is based on the lack of one thing or another:

  1. Lack of awareness – do people even know about Data Security other than as headline that someone else (hopefully) has fallen foul of? If no one knows what Data Security means, then there is little point in trying to explain how a data Security System (or ISMS) actually benefits the organisation or the individuals running that system.
  2. Lack of understanding – so now people know what Data Security is as a one line answer. But what does Data Security actually encompass - which in itself will help to define why it is so important, what needs to be done, what it will prevent and what order to do things in.
  3. Lack of funds – Those that have passed the concerns expressed by items 1 and 2 are often convinced that the costs for covering all the linked and inter-connected areas must be vast. Historically this may have been so - but nowadays a full system of control can be obtained at around £130+VAT per month (about the same as a person buying three cups of coffee each day at £1.50 a cup).
  4. Lack of desire/interest – Data Security is about ensuring that you counter two related aspects: a) the risk and consequences of data loss together with b) the moral obligation you have to look after someone else's data. If you are not impacted by either risk or moral arguments, then possibly you would be convinced by the legal requirements. Frankly, however, if an organisation is not impacted by such a moral argument, then we would all be better off without such an organisation around. In other words, it makes no sense to claim there is no reason to have a Data Security System - and anyone claiming that needs to check their logic carefully!
  5. Lack of time – if this is true the case, then: 
  • either they are on the edge of extinction (struggling to stay alive – which could always be relevant) – then they will likely, and possibly justifiably, ignore the Data Security concern completely
  • or they are exploding with growth – then this is even more of a reason to get a Data Security system in as fast as possible
  • or they are too cheap to pay for enough resource to cope – then they will get what the pay for! And at £130+VAT per month, they would have to be very cheap minded to follow this route.

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